Retainer Clips for Cars


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Firmly Hold Your Vehicle’s Trims!

✅  The Auto Fastener Kit securely holds your vehicle’s trims, panels, bumper and more!
✅  Save your time & energy by quickly and easily replacing worn or broken fasteners.
✅  The Auto Fastener Kit provides a reliable solution for replacement fasteners during auto repair!

Includes Over 400 Fasteners & More!

✅  The Auto Fastener Kit includes 415 pieces with 18 different shapes, ensuring you’ll always have the right size for the job!
✅  The kit also includes a fastener removal tool and 4 trim/panel removal tools.
✅  These fasteners are compatible with side skirts, bumpers and all other trim features!

Strong, Sturdy & Secure!

✅  The Fasteners provide a firm and durable hold, and are built to withstand extended use over time.
✅  When placed, the fasteners offer a strong and secure hold, but can be removed and replaced by the fastener removal tool.
✅  With the  Auto Fastener Kit, you can rest assured that your trims and panels are being held firmly and securely!

Make Auto Repair Faster & Easier!

✅  With the Auto Fastener Kit, you can quickly and easily replace worn or broken fasteners during car repair.
✅  The wide range of sizes and pieces ensures that you’ll always have the perfect fit for your specific need.
✅  Securely hold your vehicle’s trims, panels, bumper and more with the  Auto Fastener Kit!

Retainer Clips for Cars