Ball Gouge for Power Tools for Woodworking Projects


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For Concave Surfaces In Woodworking Projects

➡  Get Smooth Results With Ease
✅  The 10 mm is suitable for type 100 angle grinder (4 inches). The 14mm is suitable for the 115 (4.5 inches) and 125 (5 inches) angle grinders.

➡  Woodworking Favorites
✅  Simple to use, this diameter ball-shaped cutter is ideal for carving smooth cavities hollows in wooden spoons, small bowls and is useful for small to medium sculpting.

➡  New Design
✅  The Ball Gouge has anti-gravity technology which helps to prevent embedding into the piece you are working on. It jumps out gently when moved over a wooden surface and thus creates a chisel-like texture.

➡  Suitable For Your Powertool
✅  Designed to fit most standard angle grinders, making it the most and high-performance tool of its caliber on the market.

➡  Designed To Last
✅  The Ball Gouge has a unique ring-shaped cutter designed to sharpen itself during use, extending the life of the cutter. Optimum service life is the result!

➡  Control
✅  The milling ball has been designed to provide exceptional control, balance, and performance when freehand working and carving.

➡  Specification
✅  Product size: L. 4.3″ x Diam. 1.6″
✅  Spindle Size: 14/10 mm
✅  Product material: Tungsten Carbide

➡  Package Includes
✅  1 x 10mm/14mm Ball Gouge

Designed In The USA 🇺🇸

🇺🇸 Designed in the USA

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Ball Gouge for Power Tools for Woodworking Projects
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