Plug Cutter Drill Bit Set (4 PCS)

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For Precise And Smooth Finish Plugs

A Great Tool For Professional Carpenters Or Anybody Who Loves Woodworking
Make Your Joining Stronger And Easier Or Hide Screws Better
Create A Unique Visual Effect.

➡  Suitability
✅  The plug cutter drill bit can be attached for most bench drill, hand drill, and other professional drill equipment.

➡  Practical For Use
✅  Set the drill bit of your choice to your hand drill and begin with your woodworks.

➡  Perfect For Woodworkers
✅  This plug cutter drill bit is an excellent gift for woodworkers and DIY woodwork fanatics. This tool is very helpful for wood plug cutting, dowel maker, or making countersink bored holes.

➡  Precision
✅  Make sharp drill holes or plugs easily and precisely. All 4 tooth tapered plug cutters are designed to produce precision creation, smooth surface, and excellent finish on your projects and woodworks.

➡  High-Quality Material
✅  The plug cutter drill bit is strong and long-lasting. It is made from a high-quality carbon steel material that is durable, rustproof, and can last for a longer period of time.

➡  Easy Storing And Keeping
✅  This tool is very handy and portable. It can be conveniently stored in any toolbox or tool bag for safekeeping.

➡  Specifications:
✅  4 x plug cutters
✅  Material: 45#Carbon Steel
✅  Sizes: ⅝”(15.8mm), ½”(12.7mm), ⅜”(9.5mm), ¼”(6.3mm)

Designed In The USA 🇺🇸

🇺🇸 Designed in the USA

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Plug Cutter Drill Bit Set (4 PCS)