Cable Wire Stripping And Twisting Tool


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➡  Improve Work Effect
✅  The tool twist wire can twist and tape thread simultaneously, it can help increase productivity and prevent sore fingers and cramps hands.

➡  Easy Operation
✅  The wire connector tool with a 3/8 “hex rod can be attached to the impact driver and drill for easy operation, helping relieve repetitive motion injuries.

➡  2 In 1 Tool
✅  Stripping and twisting tool was integrated in this product, you have no longer to do the stripping work before the twisting, your work will be done sooner once you apply it to your project. The wire connector tool can not only be used with an electric drill but can use manually.

➡  Material
✅  Made of high-quality 45 # precision steel material.

➡  How To Use It
✅  Arrange the wires in an orderly and put them into separate holes of the wire twister(as many as 5 wires can be twisted into one at the same time).

✅  Attach the wire twisting tool to a power drill(>16.8V) and use a plier to clamp the wires on the other side of the tool.

✅  Turn on the drill, during this process, please push the drill a little bit toward the plier to make your wires tighter and condense.

✅  Within one second, your work will be perfectly done.

Designed In The USA 🇺🇸

🇺🇸 Designed in the USA

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Cable Wire Stripping And Twisting Tool