Universal Drilling Bit Tool Set 5Pcs


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➡  High-Quality Materials
✅  An efficient universal drilling tool is made of high-quality alloy. The process of oxynitride of the cutter head strengthens the drill hardness.

➡  Different Sizes
✅  3/4/5/6/7mm, suitable for your different needs. It can be installed in the general electric hand drill, bench drill. The machine drill clamp range is 10mm and above.

➡  Cross Angle Design
✅  Small incision resistance, feature drilling stably, fast speed, not breaking the border. Opening neat, smooth, no broken edges, no tremor phenomenon, chip easily.

➡  Wide Applications
✅  Professional glass and tile drill bits provide smooth and accurate drilling in ceramic tiles, marble, thin iron plates, mirrors, and glass. Remember to add water or coolant when drilling.

➡  Surface Electrophoretic Paint Process
✅  Full-grinding and anti-rust treatment, clean and sharp without burrs. The drill bit is more wear-resistant and more durable. Fully automated polishing: Polished CNC is fully automated, each one is unified.

➡  Specifications
✅  Color: Silver
✅  Weight: 90g
✅  Material: Cemented Carbide
✅  Blade’s Diameter: 3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm/7mm
✅  Blade’s Length:70mm/70mm/76mm/77mm/80mm
✅  Shank Diameter: 6.35mm

➡  Package
✅  1 x Universal Drilling Bit Tool Set

Designed In The USA 🇺🇸

🇺🇸 Designed in the USA

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Universal Drilling Bit Tool Set 5Pcs
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