Spill Free Funnel for Kitchen Pots


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No more Messy Spills or repetitive cleaning!

➡  Duckbill Anti-Spill Pot Funnel precisely dispenses water, sauce and other liquid with no waste or mess while filtering content for a delicious meal.

➡  Made of heat resistant & ultra-flexible silicone material, the dispenser attached snugly on most pots and pans for easy use.

➡  Anti-Spill
✅  Pours content with no Spill & Mess! Serve elegantly and not waste a drip.

➡  2-In-1 Design
✅  Functions as a funnel & strainer at the same time.

➡  Tight Attachment
✅  Fits snugly on most saucepans, pots and bowls for easy use.

➡  Curved Design
✅  Curved design for smoother pouring. Features wide mouthed pour spout & arc.

➡  Convenient
✅  No need to have bulky colanders of different sizes sitting around.

➡  Easy To Use
✅  Put it on the edge of the pot, you don’t have to worry about the soup spilling and causing unnecessary trouble.

➡  Safe Material
✅  Made of food-grade silicone material; environmentally friendly, good flexibility to keep food from overflowing.

➡  Dishwasher Safe
✅  Easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Durable construction for long use.

➡  Specifications:

✅  Materials: Silicone
✅  Color: Yellow, Gray

➡  Package Includes:
✅ 1 x Duckbill Pot Anti-Spill Funnel

Spill Free Funnel for Kitchen Pots
Spill Free Funnel for Kitchen Pots
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