Popple™ Dovetail Bits Kit (5 Pcs)

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Make Clean, Beautiful Dovetail Joints

Create Join Without Glue, Nails, And Other Fasteners
Enhance All Your Woodworking Projects With Ease
Take Refinishing To The Next Level

➡  Designed For Woodworkers
✅  The dovetail joint is the strongest construction method for drawers, boxes, chests, and fine casework. Our Popple dovetail bits kit comes to a cutting angle of 14°, giving you the ability to create a stronger joint.

➡  Designed To Last
✅  Dovetail bits by Popple feature outstanding tool longevity, a tendency to stay sharper, mirror-like carbide finish, excellent carbide brazing, a broad selection of sizes, and most importantly quality of cut.

➡  For All Type Of Wood
✅  Popple router bits cut a variety of materials from wood, plywood, MDF, and other wood composites and solid surface. Router cutters kit offers a range of shank sizes ¼” through ¾”.

➡  Think Outside The Box Joint
✅  Thanks to our dovetail bits kit, even a beginning woodworker can incorporate this joint to enhance the simplest projects. Even without the use of expensive jigs, you can use dovetail bits to make other strong and attractive joints.

➡  Specification
✅  Shank size: 5/16″
✅  Diameter: 1/4″ + 3/8″ + 1/2″ + 5/8″ + 3/4″
✅  Angle: 14°
✅  Material: HSS 4736 + micro grain carbide

➡  Package Includes
✅  5 x Popple Dovetail Bits

Designed In The USA 🇺🇸

🇺🇸 Designed in the USA

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Popple™ Dovetail Bits Kit (5 Pcs)