Popple™ Dovetail Bits Kit (5 Pcs)


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Popple™ Dovetail Bits Kit (5 Pcs)


Make Clean, Beautiful Dovetail Joints

Create Join Without Glue, Nails, And Other Fasteners
Enhance All Your Woodworking Projects With Ease
Take Refinishing To The Next Level

➡  Designed For Woodworkers
✅  The dovetail joint is the strongest construction method for drawers, boxes, chests, and fine casework. Our Popple dovetail bits kit comes to a cutting angle of 14°, giving you the ability to create a stronger joint.

➡  Designed To Last
✅  Dovetail bits by Popple feature outstanding tool longevity, a tendency to stay sharper, mirror-like carbide finish, excellent carbide brazing, a broad selection of sizes, and most importantly quality of cut.

➡  For All Type Of Wood
✅  Popple router bits cut a variety of materials from wood, plywood, MDF, and other wood composites and solid surface. Router cutters kit offers a range of shank sizes ¼” through ¾”.

➡  Think Outside The Box Joint
✅  Thanks to our dovetail bits kit, even a beginning woodworker can incorporate this joint to enhance the simplest projects. Even without the use of expensive jigs, you can use dovetail bits to make other strong and attractive joints.

➡  Specification
✅  Shank size: 5/16″
✅  Diameter: 1/4″ + 3/8″ + 1/2″ + 5/8″ + 3/4″
✅  Angle: 14°
✅  Material: HSS 4736 + micro grain carbide

➡  Package Includes
✅  5 x Popple Dovetail Bits

Designed In The USA 🇺🇸

🇺🇸 Designed in the USA

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