Cleanburr™ Bolt Deburring Tool

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Quickly Repairs Damaged Bolts
Eliminates The Need To Replace Expensive Or Hard-To-Find Hardware
Works With Any Standard Drill

➡  A Must Have
✅  This bolt deburring tool quickly repairs damaged bolts within seconds, with no sparks, and no burns, saving your time and money. Moreover, this bolt deburring tool is suitable for all types of power drill.

➡  Large Application
✅  It works on pretty much any kind of bolt no matter what it’s made from, including stainless steel, hardened steel, mild steel, copper, brass, aluminum, fiberglass, wood, and plastic. It can be used for 8-32 bolts (.164) up to 3/4″ -10(.750)-(4mm -19mm).

➡  Easy To Use
✅  Just attach the bolt deburring tool to the end of your power drill, use the lowest speed on the drill bit, and then slightly applying pressure to remove the burr. The tool simplifies the repair process, reduces repair time, and eliminates the need to replace expensive or hard-to-find hardware.

➡  High Quality
✅  The bolt deburring tool is made of extremely hard stainless steel with high strength and hardness. It is durable and hard, impact-resistant, non-breaking, abrasion-resistant, non-deformable, and rust-free, ensuring long-term use.

➡  Specifications
✅  Material: Stainless Steel
✅  Product size: 2.2 x 1 x 1 inch
✅  Fits Size: 8-32 bolts (.164) up to 3/4″-10 (.750) – (4mm -19mm)

➡  Package Included
✅  1 x Cleanburr™ bolt deburring tool

Designed In The USA 🇺🇸

🇺🇸 Designed in the USA

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Cleanburr™ Bolt Deburring Tool